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Mercedes C200: Construction

Who said that only local car needs to modify? How about this? A Mercedes C200….

This Mercedes was going through a little transformation. Custom front bonnet, side skirting, wide wheel arc and some modification on rear bumper.

See the next post to view the result of this bodykit modification on Mercedes C200.

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Proton Wira GT Look: No 2

This is another Proton Wira GT Look.

This car look amazing with the custom made bodykit, 17inch wheel and a great airbrush stripe.

From the front, this Proton Wira had a very own bumper that was attached with a lips and front bumper. All those become a single piece. The head lamp still an original Wira, but the bulb casing was modified and the shield was made darken. The original bonnet also had a little transformation. Some hood scoop was attached there to help air ventilation and suction of the engine.

At the back, the original rear bumper was attached with a custom made skirting. Look carefully, it has two layer of side skirt! Last, but not least, a GT wings was installed to complete this Proton Wira GT Look.

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Toyota Prado

Toyota Prado is very rare found in Malaysia. Maybe of it price. Toyota Prado price is not economical to most Malaysian.

For me, the original Toyota Prado has a great look. But, someone feel not enough with that, so he came to to AL Motorsport to change his Toyota Prado exterior look.

This is just a little bodykit adding to this Prodo. Simply just change front and rear bumper , also adding some side skirt. But, the works looks tremendous!

With AL Motorsport, you just give us a money and we will take care of others. And, it will make you very satisfy.

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Proton Wira GT Look

Till this, Proton Wira is most exposed on this blog. But, it not weird since Proton Wira is most popular car in Malaysia.

This post will show up another amazing bodykit build up and modification. First, let’s look at the front side. Just like the typical GT car. But, that totally custom made. From bonnet to lips, from lips to bumper, and from bumper to front skirting is totally custom made.

From the side, the bodykit is more extreme. Some futuristic wide body was attached starting from the beginning of the back door to the tail lamp. Besides, there had a little fin at the back side of this Proton Wira GT Look. Meanwhile, the side skirting was a combining of two different aftermarket side skirts.

Nothing extreme was done to the rear side of this Proton Wira. A GT wing was installed to shine up its GT look. The rear bumper was cut to half and the result is a custom made bumper plus rear skirting. Last but not least, the tail lamp was change to LED style lamp.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want change your car to become GT look

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