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AutoTecknic Matte Black Front Grille - BMW e92/ e93 3 series coupe/ convertible and e9x M3

Product Description

This is AutoTecknic's long awaited matte black grilles for the BMW E92/ E93 3 Series coupe and convertible. It's a full replacement grille that's made out of precise ABS material. It will fit all the new E92/ E93 3 Series coupes and convertibles including the 328I, 335I & all 2008 - up M3's. These matte black grilles will give your E92/ E93/ 3 series or E9x M3 a more aggressive look that you've always wanted. The reason why buying a full replacement matte black grille is better than the DIY spray painting OEM chrome grilles is because: paint does not stick on chrome finishes well, and the paint can easily be chipped off by small flying rocks while driving, also known as rock chips. The fitment is perfect, like all AutoTecknic products. Before each new product is released to the public, they will first go through rigorous tests and quality control. Installation will take no longer than 20 min if you know what you are doing. These grilles will also fit the e93 convertible versions of the 3 Series coupe.

Product Features

  • high quality matte black finish
  • full direct replacement
  • perfect fitment
  • aggressive sporty look
  • easy installation


AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler - BMW E92 3 series coupe & M3

Product Description

Enhance the back end look of your BMW e90 sedan with the e90 M3 style trunk spoiler. The spoiler is made with durable and flexible polyurethane which is the same material used on the OEM e90 M3 spoiler. There are numerous spoilers on eBay that claims to be the e90 M3 style yet they are no where close to it. Our e90 M3 style spoiler is made 1:1 to the OEM e90 M3 trunk spoiler, so you can buy with confidence! This spoiler comes unpainted and painting service is available upon request. Since production numerous installations have been done without any issues, therefore fitment is guaranteed. Installation is easy, all you need is double sided tape and you could be done is less than 20 min. Wholesale account is available, please contact us for more information.

Product Features

  • Made with high quality carbon fiber material
  • Add-on Installation, No Drilling Required (DIY)
  • Perfect fitment
  • Easy installation
  • Adds a stylish aerodynamic look to the vehicle
 Source:  AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber Trunk...


AutoTecknic ABS Roof Spoiler - BMW E92 3 Series coupes and M3

Product Description

This is for a roof spoiler for the BMW e92 coupe. It is made to fit the e92 coupe only. Beautifully made with ABS material, just simply apply double sided tape on the bottom of the roof spoiler. This roof spoiler will fit onto your e92 coupe without any modifications. This roof spoiler comes primed/ unpainted therefore painting is required. Since production numerous installations have been done without any problems, therefore fitment is guaranteed. This roof spoiler is for someone who wants to add a sporty look to their e92 coupe without being too aggressive. Many customers recommend this spoiler to their friends, simply because of how well it is made. Professional installation is recommended as it requires painting from body shop.

Product Features

  • Made with high quality & precise ABS material
  • Adds a subtle, but aggressive look
  • Perfect fitment
  • Easy installation
Source:  AutoTecknic ABS Roof Spoiler...


2007-2010 Nissan Maxima Rear Bumper Protector Guard

Product Description

Protect your Maxima with this OE Style Bumper Cover. OE Style Bumper Cover Protectors provide loading and unloading bumper protection. This new product is engineered to fit your vehicle and protect it from scuffs, scratches and nicks. Rear Bumper Cover Protectors restore damaged bumpers and protects new ones! It's easy to install with 3M Tape and carries a 5 year warranty. Fits 2007 2008 2009 2010 Nissan Maxima. Installation instructions are included.

Product Features

  • Engineered to fit your specific car
  • Protects bumper while loading and unloading
  • 3M adhesive allows for maximum grip
Source and picture:  2007-2010 Nissan Maxima Rear...


Nissan Maxima Mesh Grille Insert 95-96

Product Description

This is a Brand New 3 piece chrome like plated mesh grille insert kit. This grille will fit all Nissan Maxima models from 1995-1996. This mesh grille insert is for the upper grille & bumper. Note: This is not to replace your factory grille, it is simply an insert to change the current look of your car because this grille is simply an overlay. Therefore if you do not have the same front end as the picture this will not work. The mesh grille insert will attach straight on top of your factory grille using the provided wiring harness. The mesh has a diamond style pattern. This is very popular in the automotive scene. The mesh will not restrict airflow into your engine. The diamond mesh pattern has opens of 1/4" by 3/8". The mesh is a 20 gauge material meaning that it is strong yet it is also pliable making this a great product to work with. The mesh is a chrome 'like' mesh because it is not true chrome but is resembles it because of the shinny finish.

Product Features

  • Brand New 3 piece grille
  • Mounting wire ties included
  • Note: This is not to replace your factory grille, it is simply an insert to change the current look of your car because this grille is simply an overlay.
  • Easy to Follow Instructions included
  • The mesh is a chrome 'like' mesh because it is not true chrome but is resembles it because of the shinny finish.
Source and picture:  Nissan Maxima Mesh Grille Insert...


Perodua Vehicles: Perodua Myvi, Perodua Viva, Perodua Kancil, Perodua Kelisa, Perodua Kenari, Perodua Rusa, Perodua Alza, Perodua Kembara

Purchase includes free access to book updates online and a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge.

Chapters: Perodua Myvi, Perodua Viva, Perodua Kancil, Perodua Kelisa, Perodua Kenari, Perodua Rusa, Perodua Alza, Perodua Kembara, Perodua Nautica. Excerpt: The Perodua Myvi is a supermini/subcompact hatchback manufactured by Malaysian car maker Perodua since 2005. Based on the second generation Daihatsu Sirion/Boon and Toyota Passo, the Myvi is the result of Perodua's collaboration with both Toyota and Daihatsu.

The Myvi is the best selling car for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 in Malaysia. The Myvi was made available in five variations: 1.0SR (5 speed manual), 1.3SX (5 speed manual), 1.3EZ (4 speed auto), 1.3SXi (5 speed manual), and 1.3EZi "Premium" (4 speed auto).

A Myvi "Special Edition" was also made available, featuring a bodykit encompassing modified bumpers, sideskirts and a spoiler. The Myvi was also made available with dual airbags and ABS. Colors available on the Myvi include Ebony Black, Olive Green, Glittering Silver, Ozzy Orange, Classic Gold, Mistique Red, Mocha Silver and Pearl White. The facelift features a new colour range which consist of Medallion Grey, Ivory White, Pearl White, Klasik Gold, Mistik Red, Ebony Black, Caribbean Blue and Glittering Silver.

The Perodua Myvi SE is available in Ivory White, Ebony Black, Glittering Siver, Pearl White or a special Tangerine Orange exclusive only for the Myvi SE. The Myvi boasts either one of two water-cooled, four-stroke engines derived from the first generation Daihatsu Sirion: A 1.0 litre EJ-VE engine with three in-line cylinders, or the Toyota Passo: 1.3 litre K3-VE engine with four in-line cylinders; both engines employ Dynamic Variable Valve Timing (DVVT) systems and conventional electronic fuel injection (EFI).

Source and image:  Perodua Vehicles: Perodua Myvi, Perodua...


Dyno-Boost Performance Chip Nissan Cefiro -- SELECT MODEL

Product Description

Dyno-Boost is a fully adjustable, vehicle specific fuel controller designed for all fuel injected cars, trucks. Simply wires inline with the harness of the IAT (Intake Air Temperature) or MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor & plugs into the Oxygen sensor(s) in the exhaust.

You will receive crisp acceleration, 15% extra HP & torque, lower quarter mile times & surprisingly increased throttle response. Installation is easy, no - special tools or expertise required. Gain +15-40 additional HP, and improved acceleration by up to 30 % & better MPG by up to 8%. Dyno-Boost will supply modified signals to vehicle's ECU.

The ECU then adjusts air/fuel ratio & timing curves to new performance settings. There is no risk of any damage to the engine or electrical parts since the modified sensor signal will always remain within the manufacturer's recommended specifications. The unit works in conjunction with your factory ECU & will not affect engine reliability.

FULL SKILLED 24/7 TECH SUPPORT PROVIDED. The worldwide unique & popular Dyno-Boost Performance Chip can even quickly be switched, removed or re-installed at any time. Installation is easy and universal for each model. On diesel models Oxygen sensor is not fitted on the exhaust. If so leave blue wires disconnected. 1. Locate the IAT (Intake Air Temperature) or the integrated Mass Air Flow sensor in the intake. 2. Cut its signal wire & contact the purple wires to the two ends. Direction does not matter. 3. Find the oxygen sensor(s) in the exhaust. 4. Splice the sensor's signal wire(s) to the blue cable(s). 5. Contact the red hot wire to any DC +12V contact switched by the ignition key & the black thread to the ground or battery negative.

Product Features

  • 1. Improves engine performance by 15 % (adjustable)
  • 2. Enhances Nm, throttle response, acceleration and torque
  • 3. Easy 20-minute DIY installation
  • 4. Improved MPG by up to 5% (not in case of racing)
  • 5. 10-year manufacturer warranty - full Tech Support
Source and image: Dyno-Boost Performance Chip Nissan...


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