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Nissan Sylvia GT Look

If you get involved in drifting, dragging or racing, you must have a nice exterior look besides a high performance car engine and system.  For example, this Nissan Sylvia get involved in drifting around Johore and Singapore. So, besides it's great performance on track, the custom made GT look bodykit was installed on this Nissan Sylvia.

1999-2002 Nissan S15 B-Sport... 
1999-2002 Nissan S15 M-1...


Stylish Toyota Vios

The Toyota Vios is a 4-door subcompact sedan developed for the South East Asia and China markets. Introduced in 2003, the Vios serves as a replacement of the Toyota Soluna which filled the Asian subcompact market for a 1.5 litre, below the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry, both of which are also marketed in the region. The Vios is marketed alongside the Toyota Yaris in most countries in South East Asia, which offered another option for a hatchback, when it officially entered the region's market in 2005. In the United States, the second generation Vios is known as the Toyota Yaris sedan.

This is an another stylish Toyota Vios by AL Motorsport. If you look roughly, there is no different between both Vios. But, if you look closely, there is slight different between both Vios.

From back, the original Vios's bumper was attached with a simple rear skirting. Although the skirting is very simple, but it match with this Vios

From front view, this Toyota Vios is look similir with "Toyota Vios: Stylish Grey". But, there was no  grill on the lips.

From side, just a simple skirt was installed to this Vios.

Toyota Yaris Spoiler 2006-2011... 


Honda Jazz VIP Look

Another VIP looks style. This time, a Honda Jazz will take apart. As usual, a VIP actually has no huge transformation. Just adding bumper and skirting. Sometimes little work was done to the lips and hood. For this Honda Jazz, just take a closer look it construction phase.

And, here is the result! Enjoy!

2007-2008 Honda Fit Carbon Creations... 
2007-2008 Honda Fit Skylark...


Extreme Stream

An extreme bodykit installation was done on this Honda Stream. If you look this side view, a wide body was attached at the beginning of rear door to the end of side. Also, the wide body not ordinary, a fin was design on it to make it more extreme. Meanwhile, the rear windows was added an ellipse cover. The wide body also attached on the fender to make this Stream look huge and strong. Owh! It’s too many bodykit customizations on this Stream. Just take a deep look.

At front, the hood, lips, bumper and skirt through an extraordinary transformation. I don’t know how to describe it!

From back, it is not extreme as front and side view. Only skirt and futuristic spoiler was installed on it.

Odyssey 1999 - 2004 Headlight Tint... 
Dyno-Boost Performance Chip Honda...


Nissan Serena VIP Look

If you have a MPV, it is very suitable to convert it to VIP looking style. The high class of MPV will be added with a VIP style looking. Actually, they will no a huge transformation if you want your MPV look VIP, as this Nissan Serena.

This Serena only changes it bumper. This custom made bumper look simple but attractive with a two line on below; right at the back of plate number board. Besides, a lip was added with a line to make it suitable with the bumper. Meanwhile, the hood through a slight modification; just to make it different than other Nissan Serena.

At side and back, only a stylish skirt was added. Even it is a little transformation, it shining up the VIP look of this Nissan Serena

2004-2006 Nissan Maxima VIP... 
2007-2009 Nissan Altima 4dr...


Proton Waja Gen-2

Confusing? Huhuhuhuh. It is decent as light modification, because only front side of car had been touched. And, the bumper was inspired from Proton Gen-2 bumper.

Look at two pictures above. The light grey color is a bodykit that installed to the car. Meanwhile, the red color is a standard body/color of this Proton Waja.

Here we are. The completed Proton Waja Gen-2. The skirt, bumper and lips make as one piece. And it was shining up by a dummy set intercooler. Besides, the bonnet of this Proton Waja Gen-2 through a huge bodykit modification. A layer of high grade fiber was added as topping. It was done that to strengthen the hood after some air ventilation hole was done on it.

1995-2005 Proton Satria Xenon... 


Proton Perdana Wide Body

The previous post, I showed a Proton Waja Wide Body. This post I will show a Proton Perdana Wide Body.

Maybe, you don’t know what car it is if I not mentioned. Another extreme modification by AL Motorsport. And, it looks like a Skyline at GT Racing. I have nothing to write, just enjoy the picture.

VIS Racing 94-98 Mitsubishi Galant...  
Seibon Venter Hoods (Mitsubishi | Galant...


BMW 328i

Somebody unsatisfied with he's BMW. So, he decides to make a little bodykit with AL Motorsport. Not much do on this BMW, just front and rear skirting, spoiler and some fiber added on bumper, side skirting and fender.

At the front a triple layer skirting was added just below the bumper. Besides, the skirting had a little fin on the both side.

At the back, a simple stylish spoiler was added to this BMW. Furthermore, it has a futuristic rear skirting. The skirting is a combination between high grade fiber and aluminum. Another, some fiber was added at the top of the bumper to make it little shape.

From side, a small piece fiber was attached at the original side skirt. Meanwhile, at front side, a fiber was attached just above the skirt to help the front fender look amazing. At rear, a small piece was added at a fender?

BMW 328i (E46) Hood 1996-00... 
Custom Spoiler 1997 BMW 3...


Proton Waja Wide Body

Do you have Proton Waja? If yes, you can change your Waja exterior to a various tremendous look. As this Proton Waja, it transform from a ordinary to a very stylish one.

As picture above, the Waja was going through a little modification on it head lamp. It was done to make this Waja head lamp look little circle at night.

This is the latest look of Proton Waja Wide Body. It was through a huge modification. The bumper was custom made and it one piece with skrting and lips. The head lamp also through slight modification. Meanwhile the bonnet is modified from Evo bonnet series.

Look closely at side of this car. A creative fiber work has been done to make this Waja look wide and become extraordinary. At the back, the modification was done to make it look like Nissan Skyline; from tail lamp, GT wing and bumper.

Seibon Carbon Fiber OEM-Style... 
03-05 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 Urethane...


Sporty Proton Wira

An another Proton Wira(link). Maybe some of out there feel bored with Proton Wira. But, we Autolure (link) and AL Motorsport never feel bored. We do different Proton Wira concept each time.

Here we come, that we called Sporty Proton Wira. First thing first, lets look at construction phase. The white colour is a high quality fiber that attached or sticks up on the car. Meanwhile a dark grey colour is a original colour of the car.

At front, two triangles was hole up on the both front side of the bonnet. Besides, the front end of the bonnet was reshaped to make it matched with the custom made lips. Meanwhile, the bumper front skirt was stick up with the bumper. That makes both like as one piece.

If you look roughly, the side view of the car look ordinary, just a side skirt was attached. But, if you look closely, there was a wide body at both wheel arcs. That makes this Sporty Proton Wira look different then others.

To complete this Wira bodykit modification, a rear skirt and GT wing was attached to this car.

VIS 99-03 Mitsubishi Galant Carbon...
VIS Racing 97-01 Mitsubishi Mirage..


Proton Waja Evo Look

Proton Waja had a great chasis. It huge and can fit with any bodykit modification concept. This post will show a Proton Waja that convert to Evo. It a perfect conversion by AL Motorsport.

From front; a bonnet, lips and bumper are totally change and it added with front skirt. The bumper fitted with a intercooler and spot light. Meanwhile, a hood was attached at a front top of the roof to shine it looks.

At the side, a little wide body was installed at a bottom of both door, and it ended with a simple side skirt. A little modification also done at a side mirror with embeded stripe.

From back side, a stylish spoiler was installed to help this Waja Evo aerodynamic. A custom bumper then attached to fit with double muffler.

HKS Bumper Protector Mitsubishi EVO... 
Mitsubishi 2004-2007 Mitsubishi Lancer...


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