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Nissan AD Resort: Malaysia Look

For AD Resort lover, they might dream their AD to be California Look. But, with AL Motorsport we create a new identity of Nissan AD Resort, a Malaysia Look. The early three picture is a construction phase of this Malaysia Look.

Here, the complete Nisaan Ad Resort Malaysia Look. Look simple, but very stylish. Even AD Resort decent as old and cheap car, with this transformation, the AD look tremendous!

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Mercedes C200: Complete

Here we come. A completed Mercedes C200. It look very stylish and exclusive. And it very suitable for younger. No more an oldies style of Mercedes C200

From front view, the bumper totally change. Then, it added with a long skirting and boxy spot light. It look matching with the original grill and bonnet of this Mercedes C200.

Actually, this Mercedes C200 not through a huge and extreme modification. This is cause by the nice standard Mercedes C200 look. From side view, the Merc just added with simple skirting. It's looks simple, but it hard to do! The skirting totally custom made!

Last, but not least, the Merc original rear bumper was change with a custom made one. With white paint, this Merc looks tremendous!

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